K-V Pharmaceutical Co. Opiniones

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K-V Pharmaceutical Co. Opiniones
K-V Pharmaceutical Co. Opiniones
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pagaron por human genome 2600 millones de dolares pero fue rechasada por lo que despues aumentaron la oferta la patente makena es muy valiosa y 350 millones no es nada human genome tenia 3 patentes para diabetes cario vasculares por aprovarse .
pienso que una oferta por mas de 1000 millones es muy factible recordando los 2600 millones rechasados por human genome y creo que termino pagando 3000 millones.
la patente makena es huerfana y eso es muy valioso


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RicarP, en ese caso con lo publicado en DJ Daily News Bankrupty, de la contraoferta de 275$M, las negocianes se prolongarian habria q pedir al juez otra prolongacion del plazo... ? y cabe esperar otras oferta de los postores y mas demoras.. ?


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alguien sabe cuanto es la deuda total de kv y cuantos activos tienen fuera de makena


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08.05 am nueva york KVPHQ compra 0.131 venta 0.18 en pre market


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Investor Group Raises Offer to $275 Million for K-V Pharmaceutical
1 hours 49 minutes ago - DJNF By Stephanie Gleason
A group of investors has raised its offer for K-V Pharmaceutical Co. (KVPBQ, KVPHQ) to $275 million, as the promise of an improved offer from senior bondholders continues to go unfulfilled.
This latest offer is from a group of convertible noteholders composed of funds controlled by Greywolf Capital, Capital Venture International, Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. and Kingdon Associates, a group that's battling with senior bondholders to become K-V's new owners.
A new stock purchase agreement from the investor group and a draft of a new bankruptcy-exit plan are scheduled to go before Judge Allan Gropper of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan on Thursday. However, the hearing could again be pushed off in favor of further negotiations, a procedure that has become a hallmark of the pharmaceutical company's recent trips to the bankruptcy court.
K-V's attorney, Joseph Thompson Baio of Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP, said Wednesday that one party in the case has already requested that the Thursday hearing be delayed.
The new investment agreement is similar in structure to the first offer from this group made in early May, but divides the money differently.
The $275 million agreement is composed of a $75 million direct stock purchase, which will provide the investors with 24% equity in the restructured K-V, and a $200 million backstop to a rights offering, meaning the group has agreed to purchase unsold stock in connection with that offering.
The group could ultimately end up with a total of 88% equity if they purchase all of the shares sold under the rights offering, according to court documents.
Included in the offer is $100 million in bankruptcy-exit financing and replacement financing for K-V's current $85 million bankruptcy loan.
The first offer from the group of convertible noteholders, worth $250 million, waylaid what appeared to be a sealed fat-----


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fate for K-V--exiting bankruptcy in the hands of senior bondholders with little recovery for other debtholders. Now, those debtholders are poised to see a substantial recovery, one that could continue to improve as negotiations could continue.
Under the plan proposed alongside the new investment agreement, senior bondholders owed more than $225 million will be paid in cash in full up to $231 million.
Convertible noteholders that aren't part of the investment group will receive 7% common stock in the reorganized K-V (up from 6% under the investor's last proposal) plus the rights to purchase up to $200 million in the rights offering. The previous rights offering was worth $85 million.
Unsecured creditors are receiving $10 million, a tenfold increase from the senior bondholder-sponsored plan that provided just $1 million. Under a more recent proposal, those creditors were slated to get $8.5 million.
After the investor group submitted its first offer, senior bondholders asked the court to hold off on approving that agreement as it formed what it said would be a superior offer. Although it has yet to file a formal offer fulfilling that promise, it has extended many of the original deadlines associated with the bankruptcy financing they provided.
K-V filed for Chapter 11 protection in August, embroiled in controversy over its preterm labor drug, Makena. The only drug with Food and Drug Administration approval to prevent preterm labor, Makena was expected to rake in profits for the company.
However, when K-V rolled out its pricing structure, $1,500 per injection, the medical community pushed back and didn't prescribe it, instead continuing to give patients a compounded version that cost far less.
The FDA declined to act to stop the cheaper versions from being produced by compounding pharmacies, and sales of Makena stayed low. Since then, sales of the drug have increased as compounding practices have come under scrutiny.


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RicarP, KV en Enero/2013 la re.comercializacion de Gynazole-1 en asociacon con Perrigo,www.perrigo.com
KV tiene otras lineas de comercializacion poco comentadas en los ultimos meses. No todo es Makena.
Se calcula q un 75% de las mujeres tendran un epidosio de Candidiasis y 40-45% dos episodios o mas.
La Gynazole-1 a 2% crema en farmacias/USA cuesta desde 66/usd



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al final la ultima propuesta cuanto porcentaje de acciones del nuevo kv le tocraia alos accionistas de la A y cuanto alos de la B

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