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Berkeley Energía (BKY): Seguimiento de la acción

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Berkeley Energía (BKY): Seguimiento de la acción
Berkeley energía (bky): seguimiento de la acción
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Comunicado de Berkeley

Luis Angel Hernandez
Rankiano desde hace más de 3 años
Certificado MFIA. Graduado en ADE-Derecho por la Universidad de Valencia. Experto Universitario en Mercados Financieros por ADEIT.
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Luis Angel Hernandez
Actualización de la situación de la compañía


The Company’s focus continues to be on progressing the approvals required to commence construction of the Salamanca mine and bring it into production. The Company continued to engage with the relevant authorities in a collaborative manner in order to facilitate the timely resolution of the pending approvals required to commence construction of the mine.
The Company’s Spanish executives have met and had constructive dialogue with officials from the Nuclear Safety Council (“NSC”), the Regional Government of Castilla y Leon, and the Municipality of Retortillo during the quarter.
In late March, the Company formally submitted the updated official documentation in relation to the Authorisation for Construction (“NSC II”) to the NSC.

The next step in the process is for the NSC technical team to complete its report and submit it to the NSC Board for ratification.
The Ministry of Environment and Development of the Regional Government of Castilla y León informed the Municipality of Retortillo and the Company in March that the previously granted Authorisation of the Exceptional Land Use, a perquisite for the award of the Urbanism Licence (“UL”), remains fully valid and enforceable. This resolution allows the Municipality of Retortillo to advance the processing of the Company’s UL application.

Uranium Market:
The uranium spot price has risen to US$32.50 per pound on uncertainty surrounding COVID19 impacts to the nuclear fuel supply chain. This represents a year to date uranium price increase of 30%.
During and subsequent to the quarter, COVID-19 related supply disruptions were announced by a number of major uranium producers, including Kazatomprom and Cameco.
Analysts expect further tightening of market conditions as the current structural supply deficit in the global uranium market is exacerbated by these and possible other COVID-19 supply disruptions.
  •  COVID-19:
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Spanish Government declared a National ‘State of Alarm’ on 14 March 2020 and the associated measures came into effect on 15 March 2020. The Spanish Government suspended the term for all administrative and legal proceedings while the ‘State of Alarm’ is active however, the Spanish Administration is still functioning and Berkeley has maintained ongoing communication with the relevant officials from the NSC, the Regional Government of Castilla y Leon, and the Municipality of Retortillo to ensure the permitting processes continues to advance.
All of Company’s team based in Spain are safe and well. Management was well prepared and implemented a ‘work from home’ policy a week prior to the government declaring the ‘State of Alarm’.
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