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Exactamente qué hace? piezas y componentes para máquinas, motores, etc?


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Acerca de Indutrade

Indutrade es un grupo industrial internacional que vende y desarrolla componentes, sistemas y servicios de alta tecnología. Comercializamos soluciones que agilizan los sistemas y procesos de nuestros clientes. Con una estructura descentralizada, operamos a través de cerca de 200 filiales con más de 5.000 empleados en 27 países y cuatro continentes. Las operaciones se dividen en seis áreas de negocio:

Ingeniería y Equipo
Tecnología de Flujo
Fluidos y soluciones mecánicas
Componentes Industriales
Medición y Tecnología de Sensores
productos especiales


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La empresa va adquiriendo pequeñas empresas tecnológica para crecer más rápido

2016-11-08 14:07 | Press release
Indutrade acquires Scanmaskin Group, Sweden
2016-10-18 07:30 | Press release| Regulatory Information
New President and CEO appointed at Indutrade AB
2016-10-04 11:00 | Press release
Nomination Committee ahead of Indutrade’s AB’s 2017 Annual General Meeting
2016-09-21 08:00 | Press release
Indutrade acquires Alphr Technology Ltd
2016-08-12 14:00 | Press release
Indutrade’s acquisition of Crysberg A/S completed
2016-07-05 08:00 | Press release
Indutrade acquires Vacuum Engineering Services Ltd, UK
2016-07-01 13:00 | Press release
Indutrade acquires KA Olsson & Gems AB
2016-07-01 10:00 | Press release
Indutrade signs agreement to acquire Crysberg A/S
2016-05-31 10:00 | Press release
Change in number of shares and votes in Indutrade AB (publ)
2016-05-25 08:00 | Press release
Final day for trading the Indutrade share including rights to receive shares in the bonus issue
2016-05-03 14:00 | Press release
Indutrade acquires Klokkerholm Karosseridele A/S
2016-04-28 08:00 | Press release
Report from the Annual General Meeting of Indutrade AB on 27 April 2016
2016-04-06 13:00 | Press release
Indutrade acquires Fluid Controls Ltd
2016-04-01 15:45 | Press release
Indutrade acquires Beldam Crossley Ltd
2016-03-21 10:00 | Press release


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Indutrade acquires Dutch sensor manufacturer

2017-01-10 12:54

Indutrade has signed an agreement to acquire all of the shares in RS Technics BV in Roden, The Netherlands (, with annual sales of approximately EUR 2 million.

RS Technics develops and manufactures customer-specific sensors for measuring temperature, pressure and humidity. The company also conducts own development and manufacturing of electronic systems for measurement and control. Customers are mainly in the process industry, food industry and marine sector.

Possession takes place today and RS Technics will become a subsidiary of Indutrade’s company Pentronic AB, Sweden, which is part of Indutrade’s Measurement & Sensor Technology business area.

The acquisition is expected to have a marginally positive impact on Indutrade’s earnings per share.

Stockholm, 10 January 2017



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Indutrade neemt EPG Hydraulistics over

Indutrade neemt EPG Hydraulistics over
Indutrade Benelux heeft op 1 oktober EPE-Goldman (EPG Hydraulistics) overgenomen (foto: EPG Hydraulistics).
Indutrade Benelux heeft op 1 oktober EPE-Goldman BV (EPG Hydraulistics) overgenomen. Dit bedrijf in Schiedam levert sinds 1972 hydraulische componenten van gerenommeerde merken aan de Nederlandse en Belgische industrie. Het bedrijf heeft zich gespecialiseerd in hydraulische onderdelen voor o.a. de machinebouw, scheepsbouw, offshore, landbouw, chemie en petrochemie. De producten worden geleverd vanuit het centrale magazijn in Schiedam.

Indutrade Benelux is de holding waaronder de in de Benelux gevestigde bedrijven van het Zweedse beursgenoteerde Indutrade AB vallen. De Indutrade-bedrijven brengen technische componenten en systemen op de markt en verzorgen service-activiteiten. Doelstelling van Indutrade is te groeien met gezonde bedrijven, waarbij alle bedrijven hun eigen identiteit en bedrijfsvisie hebben.

EPG Hydraulistics en Indutrade

EPG levert meer dan 25.000 verschillende componenten, waaronder pijpkoppelingen, kogelkranen, accumulatoren, filters en filterelementen, slangen en slangkoppelingen, snelkoppelingen, pijpbevestigingsbeugels, flenzen, manometers, meetkoppelingen, hydrauliekleidingen en adapters.

Als moedermaatschappij biedt Indutrade Benelux ondersteuning op het gebied van industriële know-how, financiën, ontwikkeling en management. De dochterondernemingen profiteren onderling van benchmarking en het informeel uitwisselen van ervaringen. Tot Indutrade behoren onder meer de Hitma-groep, Ammertech, Douwes International, Gimex, Kin Pompentechniek en Mijnsbergen.


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Se acerca a máximos históricos


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Indutrade as an investment

Indutrade is an industrial Group with sustainable growth, an attractive market position and a low-risk profile. The Group has a long history of stable profitability and strong cash flow. The organization is characterised by a strong culture and solid technical expertise. Indutrade’s business model is attractive and provides a favorable long-term total return.

Sustainable Growth

Average annual sales growth of 12% since IPO 2005
788% total shareholder return including reinvested dividends since IPO 2005
History of successful acquisitions
Opportunities to broaden product offering, increase value added and expand geographically
Attractive Market Position and Risk Profile

Leading position in selected niches
Focus on high quality and technically advanced products for repetitive needs
Diversified and stable customer base
Stable long-term relationships with leading suppliers
Low dependence on single suppliers
Stable Profitability and Strong Cash Flow

History of stable profitability
Average EBITA margin of 11.5% during the last five years

Average ROOC of 22% during the last five years

Strong operative cash-flow over time
High dividend payout ratio, 48% of net profit during the last five years

Equity was 40% at the end of 2015
Strong Culture and Know-how

Decentralised organisation
Entrepreneurial spirit
Stringent profit and cost control
Sales force with extensive technical know-how


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Atacando los máximos históricos


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30 Jan 2017 Yorkshire
Healthcare equipment maker snapped up
A specialist healthcare equipment manufacturer headquartered in Bradford has been acquired by Swedish engineering group Indutrade in a deal supported by M&A advisory firm BCMS.

Sunflower Medical has been bought by Indutrade subsidiary ESI Process (UK) Ltd, which is headquartered in Cwmbran, Wales.

Founded in 2003 by three entrepreneurs, Sunflower Medical is a major supplier to NHS hospitals, doctors' surgeries and clinics. It also exports to the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Stockholm-listed Indutrade has acquired more than 200 companies in its 40-year history, but this is the first time it has diversified into the UK medical products market.

ESI chief executive Morgan O'Brien said: "Sunflower Medical is a fast-growing and well-managed company, and so will fit in with our portfolio very well. We're excited to have made our debut acquisition in healthcare, and we will be helping the management team develop its international footprint in the near future."

Sunflower managing director Marc Byrnes added: "We have enjoyed growing the business to this stage, but with the international business really picking up now, we are keen to join a larger group with a significant overseas presence to help us scale up quickly.

"All the staff and my fellow directors are looking forward to the next chapter in our journey."

BCMS acted as financial adviser to the Sunflower shareholders.

"Sunflower is as an innovative designer-manufacturer and a leader in its field, so joining with Indutrade will allow for further development of its product capability and international reach," said BCMS' Mac Edwards.

"There are significant market opportunities in medical products, and Sunflower has a very exciting future within the Indutrade family.


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Publican a mediado de mes, han realizado varias adquisiciones buenas en 2016, espero buenos resultados

Latest news on INDUTRADE AB
01/19 INDUTRADE : acquires Sunflower Medical Ltd
01/19 INDUTRADE : to Acquire 100% Stake in RS Technics
01/10 INDUTRADE : acquires Dutch sensor manufacturer
2016 INDUTRADE : acquires Scanmaskin Group, Sweden
2016 INDUTRADE : Interim report third quarter1 January - 30 September 2016
2016 HALDEX' : CEO resigns for new position
2016 INDUTRADE : New President and CEO appointed at Indutrade AB
2016 INDUTRADE : Nomination Committee ahead of Indutrade’s AB’s 2017 Annu..
2016 INDUTRADE : Nomination Committee ahead of Indutrade's AB's 2017 Annual General M..
2016 INDUTRADE : acquires Alphr Technology Ltd


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Nueva adquisición para seguir creciendo

Indutrade acquires Ellard Ltd

2017-02-13 15:47

Indutrade today signed an agreement to acquire all of the shares in Ellard Ltd (, with annual sales of approximately GBP 8.5 million.

Ellard is a specialist manufacturer of drives, motors and controls for industrial, commercial and residential doors and shutters, complemented with a wide range of accessories. In addition Ellard also offers a wide range of gate and barrier automation. Customers are manufacturers and installation contractors of doors, shutters and gates in the UK and Ireland.

Possession takes place today and Ellard will be part of Indutrade’s Special Products business area.

The acquisition is expected to have a marginally positive impact on Indutrade’s earnings per share.

Stockholm, 13 February 2017


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