Opiniones sobre Diageo plc

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Opiniones sobre Diageo plc
Opiniones sobre Diageo plc

Opiniones sobre Diageo plc

Buenas a todos, que os parece Diageo plc para tenerlo en una cartera a muy largo plazo.
Tambien me gustaria saber como es el tema de la doble retencion en inglaterra, que porcentaje retiene en origen y si se puede recuperar una parte de la doble retencion

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Diageo me parece una buena opción para el largo plazo, siendo líder absoluto de su sector, aunque estaba en un proceso correctivo y habría que estar al tanto para encontrar el mejor precio de entrada.. Saludos


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Gracias por la respuesta


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Cual creeis que es el mejor precio de entrada?
un saludo


Diageo prevé un impacto de 300 millones por el coronavirus

Comunicado de la compañía
When we released our interim results on 30 January 2020, we commented on the expectation of an impact from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, which we were not able to quantify at the time.  We are now providing an update on the expected range of the adverse impact in fiscal 2020 of the evolving COVID-19 situation.
As the situation continues to unfold, our primary concern remains the welfare of our colleagues, their families and their local communities and we will continue to provide all support possible. Authorities in China and in other impacted countries have taken strong and decisive action and continue to work tirelessly to contain the spread of the virus.
Public health measures across impacted countries in Asia Pacific, principally in China, have resulted in: restrictions on public gatherings, the postponement of events and the closure of many hospitality and retail outlets. Several countries and many businesses have also imposed restrictions on travel.  
It is difficult to predict the duration and extent of any further spread of the COVID-19 outbreak both in and outside of Asia. Based on current information we have made assumptions to estimate the fiscal 2020 impact on the performance of the following businesses:
Greater China:
  • Bars and restaurants have largely been closed and there has been a substantial reduction in banqueting. As the majority of consumption is in the on-trade, we have seen significant disruption since the end of January which we expect to last at least into March.
  • Thereafter, we expect a gradual improvement with consumption returning to normal levels towards the end of fiscal 2020.
On-trade, in other impacted countries in Asia Pacific:
  • The outbreak in several other Asian countries, especially South Korea, Japan and Thailand, has led to events being postponed, a reduction in conferences and banquets, and a drop in tourism which have all impacted on-trade consumption.
  • We expect gradual improvement throughout the fourth quarter of fiscal 2020.
Travel Retail, mainly in the Asia Pacific region:
  • The outbreak has caused a significant reduction in international passenger traffic, especially in Asia.
  • Recovery of passenger traffic is assumed to be gradual, resulting in weaker performance for the remainder of fiscal 2020.
On this basis, we estimate the negative impact in fiscal 2020, on the group’s organic net sales and organic operating profit, to be in a range of £225m to £325m and £140m to £200m, respectively, with the timing and pace of recovery determining the impact within these estimated ranges. The COVID-19 situation is dynamic and continues to evolve and these ranges exclude any impact of the COVID-19 situation on other markets beyond those mentioned above. We will continue to monitor the situation closely.
We remain confident in the growth opportunities in our Greater China and Asia Pacific business. We will continue to invest behind our brands, ensuring we are strongly positioned for the expected recovery in consumer demand.

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Otro que sigue Diageo y quiere entrar en alguna empresa inglesa como National Grid o GSK, pero tengo dudas sobre el dividendo de estas. Viendo en Investing veo cosas raras:
- Diageo unas 0,7 libras en febrero y otros 0,7 en agosto = 1,4 libras anuales cotizando a 27 libras.(más de un 5% de rentabilidad por dividendo)
- GSK por ejemeplo 0,8 libras en 4 pagos, es decir 3,2 libras anuales cotizando a 16,5 libras (más de un 19%)
¿Por qué indica eso? No lo acabo de entender...
Alguien que sepa, ¿Cuantas libras de dividendo da cada una de las empresas por acción?
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