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Lithium Australia NL (LIT)

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    Re: Lithium Australia NL (LIT)

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    Lithium Australia NL takes advantage of data to identify lithium
    09:30 27 Jan 2017
    Lithium Australia NL (ASX:LIT) has used newly acquired airborne geophysics data to identify known and possibly buried lithium-tantalum bearing pegmatites at the Mt Day and Lake Johnston projects, located 420 kilometres east of Perth.
    Lithium Australia NL takes advantage of data to identify lithium
    Based on the new 50 metre line spaced data, the majority of the known lithium-tantalum bearing pegmatites are coincidental with ring-like, potassium radiometric anomalies.

    Pegmatite outcrops defined through satellite imagery interpretation and field reconnaissance, confirm that many of the pegmatite outcrops are circular in outcrop and are possibly related to late-stage ring fractures.

    It is further interpreted that the low to moderate amplitude potassium anomalies without any rock expression are related to shallowly buried pegmatites.

    Adrian Griffin, managing director, commented: “Lithium Australia continues to develop its outstanding lithium exploration projects to ensure an accessible pipeline of potential lithium feed.

    “We are encouraged by these initial Lake Johnston survey results and are pleased with our collaboration with Poseidon and Lefroy.”

    The survey was completed in collaboration with neighbouring tenement holders Poseidon Nickel (ASX:POS) and Lefroy Exploration (ASX:LEX), who also hold some nickel and gold rights in the area.

    Lithium Australia shares are trading up 40% over the past month, currently priced at $0.19.


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    Re: Lithium Australia NL (LIT)

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    Lithium Australia prepares to drill Horseshoe Pegmatite Prospect

    Lithium Australia prepares to drill Horseshoe Pegmatite Prospect

    Published on: Jul 10, 2017 | by Trevor Hoey

    Shares in Lithium Australia (ASX: LIT) surged more than 40% under record trading volumes on Friday after the company informed the market that it was ready to commence drilling at the Horseshoe Pegmatite Prospect. This is part of LIT’s Ravensthorpe lithium project which is situated 500 kilometres south-east of Perth.

    It should be noted that share trading patterns should not be used as the basis for an investment as they may or may not be replicated. Those considering this stock should seek independent financial advice.

    In terms of its location, it is arguably of more significance that it is only 18 kilometres from Galaxy Resources’ (ASX: GXY) Mt Cattlin lithium mine. It is possible that positive news also released by GXY last week provided additional momentum for LIT’s share price.

    With an 800 metre by 800 metre flat lying footprint containing both lepidolite and spodumene, the Horseshoe Pegmatite shows strong geological similarities to mineralisation at Mt Cattlin.

    Ravensthorpe lithium project LIT

    After a weak share price performance in the first half of calendar year 2017, GXY started the year on a strong note with its share price increasing from $1.65 as at June 30 to close the week at $2.10 last Friday, representing an increase of 27%.

    Again share trading performance should not be used as the basis for an investment as it does fluctuate and investors should approach any investment decision with caution.

    GXY’s price increase made it the best performing ASX 200 stock for the first week of fiscal 2018, and interestingly there was a strong performance from another specialty metals play in emerging graphite producer, Syrah Resources (ASX: SYR) which delivered a week on week gain of 18%.

    While GXY’s strong kick was possibly assisted by the absence of tax loss selling that occurred in June, there was also strong news on the operational front as recoveries of 61% from production of circa 14,000 dmt were achieved, well in excess of initial targets of between 50% and 55%.

    This augurs well for a company such as LIT should the mineralisation at its Horseshoe Pegmatite be also deemed to offer robust percentage recoveries when converted to lithium concentrate.

    The lithium mineralisation at LIT’s prospect is hosted by the Cocanarup swarm, and a recently excavated costean has revealed lithium mineralisation which includes spodumene, lepidolite and elbaite, all of which can be processed using the company’s proprietary Sileach process.

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    Re: Lithium Australia NL (LIT)

    Paciencia compañero, yo también la espero. El litio tiene futuro, todo llegará. Mira a Galaxy despues de meses de subidas fuertes, corrección y otra vez para arriba.

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    Re: Lithium Australia NL (LIT)

    Buena noticia




    <:ARTICLE id=post-142453 class=entry>
    EDITOR: Lara Smith | September 25th, 2017

    Lithium Australia’s battery cathode acquisition on analyst radar

    Lara Smith | September 25, 2017 | No Comments
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    There are two things that cause the most dramatic price action on mining stocks: production and takeover. It’s in every investor’s best interest to go long a company prior to either of these events, and Lithium Australia NL (ASX: LIT), being mere months away from the completion of a large scale pilot plant (LSPP), have found themselves once again on my radar. The company look set to achieve producer status within the next year, and on a much grander scale than anticipated.

    Recently, the company have undertaken a level of activity that generally precedes any kind of launch, but Lithium Australia’s storm of acquisition and agreement over the last month puts them within spitting distance of the company’s goal of producing commercial lithium chemicals at an operating cost in the lowest quartile, as well as potentially gaining access to a new sector, the manufacture of battery cathode materials, just in time for the projected spike in demand caused by the rise of electric vehicles and grid storage systems.

    Lithium Australia have proposed to acquire a minimum 75% stake in Brisbane battery cathode developer Very Small Particle Company Ltd. The company has also signed a MoU with Poseidon Nickel Ltd. to evaluate joint exploration and lithium processing opportunities at Lake Johnston and Ravensthorpe in southern Western Australia. These recent additions to the company’s disruptive technological edge position Lithium Australia to gain a considerably larger market share than if they were to rely only on their innovative processing technology.

    Lithium Australia’s 100% owned SiLeach technology allows them to extract metals from a range of silicate ores via a hydrometallurgical process. Conventionally, feedstock must undergo an extremely energy-intensive roasting process at temperatures of more than 1,000˚C; the SiLeach process, however, occurs rapidly at about 90˚C, providing a minimal plant footprint and driving down capital costs. The process has the potential to supersede the dominant method of extraction for a number of metals, reducing costs and mitigating environmental impact across the board.

    A failure of current processing methods is that lithium is only ever recovered from spodumene concentrates, but lithium-containing micas, theretofore forgotten, can now be considered an economical source of the battery-essential metal. Furthermore, the SiLeach process allows for the recovery of lithium and cobalt from discarded batteries, creating access to a raw materials already extracted and refined. Should the VSPC deal complete, Lithium Australia would achieve strategic ‘fullcircle’ capability in terms of lithium extraction, processing and cathode production from unconventional source materials, and would be positioned as a market-leading recycler of discarded, end-of-use lithium-ion batteries.

    Already, pilot-testing of SiLeach has resulted in the production of battery-grade lithium carbonate, and moreover, completed first-generation engineering studies for the LSPP show that it is capable of producing 2500 tonnes of lithium carbonate annually, as well as highlighting areas in which both capital and operating costs can be significantly improved, with subsequent studies planned to further improve performance.

    Given the recent activity and the company’s promise to have the plant completed by year’s end, it looks as if 2018 is going to be a good one for Lithium Australia shareholders. The sheer number of options available to this company creates a robust investment, and their commitment to sustainability makes it all the more likely to succeed over the very long term; however, the time to buy, in my opinion, is now



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    Re: Lithium Australia NL (LIT)

    Otra buena noticia. La veo en los 30 c, los máximos del pasado año en breve



    Lithium Australia acquires majority ownership in Mexican lithium project

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    15:32 16 Oct 2017

    A new 2.5 kilometre long thick zone of mineralisation has been confirmed.

    lithium carbonate

    Potential to deliver a resource with low stripping ratios

    Lithium Australia NL ( ASX:LIT) has acquired a 54% controlling stake in the Electra lithium clay project in northwest Mexico.

    Recent drilling at the project had yielded a new 2.5 kilometre long thick zone of mineralisation with commercial potential.

    The project comprises the Tecolote, Tule, and Agua Fria concessions and is currently the subject of a farm-in and joint venture with Canada based Alix Resources Corp ( CVE:AIX).

    Lithium Australia has the right to earn an ultimate 65% holding in Electra under the JV terms.

    Adrian Griffin, managing director, commented: “The move to majority ownership at Electra and the emergence of the western flank of Agua Fria as a significant discovery with near-term potential, reflects the depth and scope of the company’s unerring growth strategy to build a lithium business based on breakthrough processing technologies applicable to unconventional and once considered uneconomic feedstock sources, and to de-risk our strategy by evolving partnerships and project interests across the globe, as well as our flagship lithium interests across Western Australia.”

    Initial drill program

    Lithium Australia moved to the majority 54% ownership on completion of a recent drilling program.

    This generated confirmation of a new 2.5 km long mineralised zone between 25-50 metres thick on the western flank of the Agua Fria concession.

    This “West Flank” lithium target is the most significant commercial target as it outcrops and has the potential to deliver a mineral resource with low stripping ratios.

    Future plans

    Future efforts on the West Flank target will focus on identifying the stratigraphy and controls of higher grade lithium values close to surface, with zero to minimal strip ratio by open pit mining.

    A large sample is currently being composited for further metallurgical studies.

    In addition to significant lithium values, the clay horizons at Agua Fria are anomalous in potassium which may be recoverable as potassium sulphate, a major component of “NPK” fertilisers.

    This potentially adds a valuable by-product credit to the project’s economics.

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