¿Alguna reco para el rally de navidad?

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¿Alguna reco para el rally de navidad?
¿Alguna reco para el rally de navidad?

¿Alguna reco para el rally de navidad?

hoy me llego esto de una lista donde estoy (la web de hillary kramer).

que opinais? mercado hispano o europeo, alguna reco?

Amazon.com (AMZN). Let’s start with how more of us are doing our shopping: online. And the king of the cyber world is Amazon, which continues to grow in popularity. The Kindle was especially popular this year, and the devices actually doubled their sales from 2011 on Cyber Monday! We already know that AMZN has pricing power because of their scale and reach, but the company has become even more successful because of their execution of the growing Groupon style business. This makes the company one step more advanced because AMZN customizes the offers by “knowing” their customer and by having access to location. This is a website that is only going to get bigger and better.

FedEx Corporation (FDX): Now think about how those purchases will be delivered. That’s where FedEx comes in. Now, the preferred delivery may not be the higher-priced priority deliveries, but volume on the less-expensive slower delivery options should be robust. Those who are mailing their gifts are going to need a way to deliver them, and FDX will be one of the leaders.

Abercrombie and Fitch (ANF): Last, think about what’s popular. On that score, it’s hard to beat Abercrombie and Fitch right now. People love this store. ANF was one of the Black Friday winners, and what’s interesting is that they are an extremely popular brand that did better this year with less advertising, which means lower costs. This retailer is still the best of the breed with juniors clothing. Their less expensive, Hollister branded stores are also very popular.


Re: ¿Alguna reco para el rally de navidad?

El potencial de crecimiento de Amazon en España es enorme. Comparas amazon.es con amazon.com o con amazon.co.uk y no hay color. El crecimiento del Kindle está siendo muy bueno:

Amazon Kindle

Y su evolución en bolsa en el último año está siendo buena:

En Octubre cayó desde los 260$ a los 220$, pero parece que se está recuperando. Un saludo,

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Re: ¿Alguna reco para el rally de navidad?

Abercrombie es una marca que está de moda entre los jóvenes. En Europa, se está expandiendo poco a poco:

London flagship: 7 Burlington Gardens, Savile Row (opened March 22, 2007) Milan flagship: Corso Giacomo Matteotti 12 (opened October 29, 2009) Copenhagen flagship: Købmagergade 11 (opened November 4, 2010) Paris flagship: Building no. 23, Avenue des Champs-Élysées (opened May 19, 2011) Madrid flagship: Plaza del Marqués de Salamanca 5 (opened November 3, 2011)[49] Düsseldorf flagship: Königsallee 17 (opened December 1, 2011)[50] Brussels flagship: Boulevard de Waterloo 21 (opened December 8, 2011)[51][52][dead link] Hamburg flagship: Alte Post, Poststraße 11 (opened April 28, 2012) Munich flagship: Sendlinger Straße, Quartier Hofstatt (opened October 25, 2012)[53] Dublin flagship: Suffolk Street, College Green (opened November 1, 2012)[54] Amsterdam flagship: Leidsestraat (to open in last quarter of 2012) En Asia también está presente: Tokyo flagship: Ginza (opened December 15, 2009) Fukuoka flagship (opened November 11, 2010) Singapore flagship: Knightsbridge, Orchard Road (opened December 15, 2011)[58] Hong Kong flagship: Pedder Building, Central. Opened August 11, 2012.[59] Abercrombie & Fitch
Abercombrie, también tiene otras marcas conocidas:

Marcas Abercrombie

No me gustan las acciones tan irregulares:

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