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Farmas USA

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Farmas USA
Farmas USA
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Milestones Expected In the 2H19

1- Interim phase 1/2 data in pancreatic cancer 3Q19.

2- First update on ongoing solid tumor clinical trials 3Q19.

3- Submitting an investigational new drug application (IND) for a company sponsored Phase 2 clinical trial in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) in 3Q19. Phase 1 data was discussed in the above comparison with Kite Pharma. The first patient should be dosed by the end of the year.

4- Interim phase 2 of TPIV200 as a maintenance treatment for patients with ovarian cancer who are in their first remission. The study completed enrollment in January 2019. The interim-analysis is triggered by disease progression of 55 patients. Data is expected to be reported in 4Q19.

5. An overall update on MRKR’s cell therapy programs is expected by the end of the year.


With $58 million in cash and a burn rate of only $5.7 million 1Q19 MRKR is in a strong financial position ( view latest 10-Q here). Moreover, total liabilities was only $3.4 million as of March 31st, 2019. In light of the fact that they have 14-ongoing clinical studies, with more underway, I’d say that is an impressive feat. How do they do it?- Through collaborating with high caliber institutions such as the Baylor College of Medicine (BCM), the Mayo Clinic, and the Department of Defense (DoD). As of now the only trial sponsored by MRKR is a phase 2 study in ovarian cancer. As the pipeline progresses, though, I imagine more of the financial burden will fall on MRKR. If not, it begs the question: What commercial rights and or autonomy must they concede?

Under current cash flow conditions MRKR should not need to raise money until 3Q20. Furthermore, the company has only 25.5 million shares float out of 45.58 million outstanding. With stats like that it comes as no surprise that there is high insider and institutional ownership (32% and 43%, respectfully). Of note, Perceptive Advisors, which as we know is reputed as a successful biotech firm, and the a largest institutional investor of ADMA Biologics (ADMA), owns 4%. Baker Bros, another respected investment firm, owns 3%.


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Re: Farmas USA



De IV. Estudios y fechas resultados esperadas:

Trial Timeline Expectations

Now that we know enrollment completed in April for the 2 Schizo trials, we can update the timelines to be more specific for those 2:

PhIII Schizo inadequate response:
- Enrollment Complete Apr 2019
- Efficacy topline mid-June 2019 (6 week protocol)
- AE topline mid-July 2019 (clinicaltrials.gov shows 1 month between efficacy and AE readouts)
- Announcement could be anytime mid-July onward
- Note: ACAD stmt is 'mid-2019'

- Topline Mar 2020 (clinicaltrials.gov)
- Interim readout 2H 2019 (ACAD stmt); my calcs are anytime from June onward
Note: ACAD stmts have been 'most trials using this trial design complete successfully at the interim'

PhII Schizo negative symptoms
- Enrollment Complete Apr 2019 (last week of Apr is week 18 of 2019)
- Efficacy topline end-Oct 2019 (26 week protocol: last week of Oct is week 44 of 2019)
- AE topline end-Nov 2019 (1 month after efficacy readout on clinicaltrials.gov)
- Announcement Dec 2019; ACAD stmt is now 'year-end 2019'

PhIII MDD (2 trials)
- Initiation 2019 for both (ACAD stmt)
- US trial initiated Apr 2019
- US topline expected June 2021

PhIII Rett for Trofinitide
- Initiation 2019 (ACAD stmt)

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Re: Farmas USA



A principios de  marzo de este año, las acciones estaban sobre los 3,5$...

El 7 de marzo, primer subidón del 40%, aprox, tras la publicación de resultados económicos...

Y la semana pasada, tras resultados positivos de 2 Fases I, nuevo subidón del 40%, que sigue prolongando, acercándose ya a los 10$....

¿Considerais justificado pasar de los 3,5$ a los 10$ por unos buenos resultados financieros y resultados positivos de 2 Fases I?

A mi me da la impresión que es un poco exagerado, y no acabo de entender la razón de tal subidón...

He pillado las 2 subidas, pero ahora mismo me mantengo fuera, a le expectativa...

Un saludo

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Re: Farmas USA



Teva: Catching The Falling Knife While Blindfolded In A Maelstrom Of Headlines



Teva has recently become the punching bag for a price-fixing scandal and the opioid crisis. The market has decimated the share price to multi-year lows.

The stock continues to have negative headlines and analyst downgrades. I believe the selling has gone too far and I am willing to "catch the knife."

I point to the current valuations to justify my second TEVA buy. I anticipate these headlines to pass and the market will return to TEVA's fundamentals in the coming years.


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Re: Farmas USA


Quería preguntarte qué tal ves TRVN en este punto. Creo que fuiste tú el que la analizaste hace un tiempo, yo entré en un pico y tuve que salir rápido, comenzó a bajar. Sin embargo entré a 1,11 a principios de semana. A ver cómo la ves.


Buen día a todos.

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Re: Farmas USA



Bueno, yo no la analicé, la trajo Mr_Simpson


Yo tan solo subí un grafico para remarcar el carácter bajista del movimiento mirado en perspectiva

Que sigue siendo este :

del rally iniciado a finales del pasado Diciembre ha hecho corrección hasta un dólar pelado coincidiendo con el ultimo retroceso fibo, asi que bien pudiera haber sido una "sana corrección" ( aunque dramática ) tras semejante subida. Por arriba, la MM50 semanal la tienes en 1,25 aprox … junto con la bajista de largo plazo que ha sido fuerte resistencia hasta la fecha 





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Re: Farmas USA



Brutal patadon pa'rriba que ha pegado esta noche, del +3% nada menos … 

Este es un grafico semanal actualizado a Miércoles, ProRealTime me lo ofrece muy en diferido … marco con la flecha negra en que punto se encuentra el oro ahora mismo … un breakout de tres pares …


De hecho , ya veis como andan los futuros y el crudo también

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