Movimiento en España y ingreso al cuenta

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Movimiento en España y ingreso al cuenta
Movimiento en España y ingreso al cuenta

Movimiento en España y ingreso al cuenta

voy a escribir en ingles porque sera mas rapido. 

I just moved to Spain from Non-EU country to work in main company office on high management position. 

First step, rent a flat, done. Now, I was looking to buy brand new car with single payment (23.000) in 1-2 months (to bring cash from homeland and deposit in bank) and I realised that in Spain cash payments over 2500 euros are not possible and that all deposits over 3000 euros and under tax radar. Tax radar of course is not a problem since I work in managing positions for more than 10 years and always had good salary and have savings. But incomes are not made in Spain, so assumption that I  will need to justify money, just not sure what to present (what kind of paperwork in Spain)? 

Also, another option would be to buy car in Germany and import it, or just to do bank transfer money from homeland to car seller. 

Any thoughts? 


Re: Movimiento en España y ingreso al cuenta

I don't see any issues if the money is legal. Just pay the car with a bank transfer and that's all.

Re: Movimiento en España y ingreso al cuenta

Thanks for the response.

Money comes from savings (salary) of me and my wife. 

Question was more related to the fact that I need to bring cash from homeland to Spain and deposit to Spanish bank and then pay. Either when me or my wife fly for holidays (3-4 times/year) and bring up to 10k cash or to do bank transfer from my account in homeland to account in Spain. 

And of course, I do not want to pay taxes on deposit in bank because they come from my bank account in country of origin (have bank reports/bills etc) and taxes are already paid there. 

In bank they told me to advise them before bringing money (either cash or transfer) so they can prepare document for justification to be signed. And finally, will visit on monday local tax office to check all. 

Of course, car is just first step. Next step is to sell flat in hometown and bring/transfer money again to Spain to buy piso here. 

Getting familiar with procedure now. 


Re: Movimiento en España y ingreso al cuenta

I don't see any problems. Your money is legal, so what I would do is to deposit your money in your bank account from your country, you won't have any problems to prove the origin of the money, I guess.

Then you can make a transfer from your country's bank to your account in Spain, and from the Spanish account you can transfer the money to the seller.

I think you won't have to pay any taxes, you will only have to pay the bank fees that your country's bank want to charge you (and the currency exchange, I guess), but that only depends on your bank.

Anyway, I'm very far from being an expert in this matter... haha.

Good luck.

Re: Movimiento en España y ingreso al cuenta

Any help is better than no help.

Money is already deposited in bank in my country. Just checking option to bring cash since because with intl bank fees, I could use to fly somewhere for the weekend. 

Muchas gracias amigo por la ayuda. 

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