Quadriga Igneo UCITS

ISIN: LU1955045809

Quadriga Funds

Quadriga Igneo UCITS - LU1955045809
Quadriga Igneo UCITS - LU1955045809

Información general

Divisa EUR
Tipo Retorno Absoluto
Área geográfica Global
Fecha de creación 23/07/2018
Distribución o acumulación Acumulación

Estrategia de inversión

Quadriga Igneo UCITS is a liquid absolute return strategy focused on 1) capital preservation, 2) large absolute returns during adverse and hostile markets, and 3) low/neutral expectancy and carry during benign markets, which we achieve via a structural allocation to anti-bubbles and anti-crisis strategies such as Precious Metals, US Treasuries, and long-only options. Managed on a discretionary basis following a disciplined framework and risk limits which include 1) no leverage, 2) no outright shorts, 3) long only options, combining fundamnetal top-down macro, bottom-up micro, quantitative, technical, and positioning analysis, within a disciplined framework for portfolio construction and risk management.