Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños

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a Inmigrante #23569
17/06/12 (15:19)

Una breve historia

No hay duda que Argentina fue la gran puerta de entrada de muchos nazis en Sudamérica pero algunos también se han instalado en países como Bolivia, Perú...

Un día me encontré con la hermana de Pepe Trueno (Oscarcito para los amigos) y me contó el itinerario de algunos de sus ascendientes y su antiguo pasado nazi.

Luego del encuentro con su hermana, el "Trueno" tuvo un sobrinito.

¡No me tengas rencor por lo que sucedió Oscarcito! jejeje

"Ojos Azules"

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a Besugo #23276
20/06/12 (08:22)

Re: Washington Mutual (WAMUQ)

Al ver tantas reclamaciones por damnificados con las preferentes, quisiera saber si alguien puso una reclamación a su banco por la compra de washington mutual previo al derrumbe del 2008 y que resultados obtuvo, ya que he escuchado que algunos intermediarios han reconocido el mal asesoramiento a sus clientes.

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a delmagu #23578
21/06/12 (23:11)

Jamie Dimon is a Crook !!!!


Se lo tiene merecido... el. Demonio arderá en el infierno.

No existen los gurus ni los profetas de la Bolsa, sólo visionarios y soñadores

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a Mr_Simpson #23579
22/06/12 (05:08)

Re: Jamie Dimon is a Crook !!!!

¿Y tu que eres? Tienes un rostro que te lo pisas

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a Besugo #23580
24/06/12 (14:01)

Esto es lo que sabemos... (más info entre 15 Septiembre y 31 Diciembre)

We have virtually nothing of the original WaMu left and not even its own name. If only this could get some worldwide attention and since it has not during an election year, it NEVER will and so I will not digress any further. The following is what we have to deal with. Even though this is going on four years, generally retail would never have had this opportunity that many of us now have and that is riding the coattails of the very people who know how to make money even it is not legal.

We now know why these Criminals fought so hard to steal the reorganized company (tax attributes) and there are only two things that have changed. Number one, there is around twenty percent of retail along for the ride and an extra two years have passed since the Criminals almost stole the rest.

• 75 million in cash
• 125 million borrowing capacity
• 5-6 billion in WMB abandoned worthless stock deduction that must be in place by 12/31/2012
• We have an Executive lineup that is not too shabby plus an opening for a permanent C.E.O.
• A potential business plan coming including an audit for WMIH – maybe separate
• Arguably, anywhere from 15 to 40 billion in NOL’s

Anybody who has worked for a publically traded corporation should know that a company will say absolutely NOTHING about their business plan and/or potential acquisitions that may be in process until something is confirmed and then they will file an 8K reflecting a ‘material development’ which generally will happen opposite normal business hours.

Now common sense tells me that there in no way that these kind of people we are dealing with are just going to throw a once in a lifetime opportunity (that should have never happened) away because a little time has passed. I look for very positive developments any day, but probably between September 15th and October 31st and certainly by 12/31/2012.

No existen los gurus ni los profetas de la Bolsa, sólo visionarios y soñadores

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a Mr_Simpson #23581
25/06/12 (13:49)

El Secreto de JPM y la FDIC al descubierto


Excerpt from the Deposition of Jeffrey A. Thorne:
13. Q. BY MR. BRADLEY: Okay. Now, this 118-page
14. document, can you again describe to me what its contents
15. was?
16. A. There’s two documents. They’re the same
17. document. And it is the right to purchase a financial
18. institution. That’s the purchase agreement. One of
19. them is 35 pages long that is recorded and made public
20. by the FDIC, and the other is a continuation of the 35
21. pages up to the 118 pages that spells out an agreement
22. between the purchasing institution and the FDIC as to
23. how they are to handle the customers upon the purchase
24. of the bank; i.e., how the foreclosures are to be
25. handled, work out agreements that they’re supposed to
[Page 71]
1. make. Are they supposed to make an offer? They have to
2. make certain offers in writing. They have to present
3. them to the FDIC to Show that they’re working with them
4. In good faith. They just can’t go in and just start
5. foreclosing on everybody that’s not paying.
6. Q. And it’s your testimony that there was such an
7. agreement that Chase Signed with the FDIC when it took
8. over WaMu, this document?
9. A. Yeah, at the facility that I was at, that was
10. one of the documents I had access to through my system,
11. and I saw that document.
12. Q. Okay. And then where would a copy of that
13. document be? The first 32 pages, I think you said, were
14. made public, but the balance of them were withheld from
15. the public.
16. A. Right. It would be at FDIC.
17. Q. Okay. And could those be subpoenaed?
18. A. I’m sure they could.
19. Q. And you would refer to it as the right to
20. purchase document?
21. A. Right.

No existen los gurus ni los profetas de la Bolsa, sólo visionarios y soñadores

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a Mr_Simpson #23582
25/06/12 (13:51)

Re: El Secreto de JPM y la FDIC al descubierto

No existen los gurus ni los profetas de la Bolsa, sólo visionarios y soñadores

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a Besugo #23580
26/06/12 (05:43)

Re: Jamie Dimon is a Crook !!!!

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