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Janett 13/06/15 01:59
Ha comentado en el artículo Hasta siempre amigo Ferrán
My dear friend Ferran, I am so sorry to have learned a week after this happening of your departure, how I wish you should have come to New York this year as you did last year, perhaps this would have avoided this tragedy. With my deepest respect I send my condolences to your parents, wife and son. I just want to remember how happy and joyful you were last year on your visit to New York, you visited many places, the Hamptons, Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, White Pains, New Jersey, and many more. The smile on your face is still fresh in my mind, you definitely enjoyed the food, the hamburgers, the french fries and the sodas. Your parents must be proud of you for the many accomplishments your have done. Once more I am deeply moved for the departure of a good friend. Janett from New York
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