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Re: Farmas USA

anaramos 13 de febrero de 2019 14:48 Foro: Bolsa

Me gusta este trozo de la rueda de prensa:
we had a busy week at the J.P. Morgan conference in January, reviewing multiple opportunities and are currently in the process of further evaluating the ones that best fit our strategy going forward. We look forward to updating you with our...   Leer más

Re: Farmas USA

anaramos 13 de febrero de 2019 13:53 Foro: Bolsa

Weaker than expected
Israel's heavily indebted Teva
Pharmaceutical Industries reported a slightly
larger-than-expected drop in fourth-quarter profit on Wednesday
and forecast a weaker-than-expected 2019.
The world's largest generic drugmaker earned 53 cents per
share excluding one-time...   Leer más

Re: Farmas USA

anaramos 12 de febrero de 2019 22:56 Foro: Bolsa

Y nuevo compuesto que entra en fase clínica
XL092 is a next-generation oral tyrosine kinase inhibitor that targets VEGF receptors, MET, and other kinases implicated in cancer’s growth and...   Leer más

Re: Farmas USA

anaramos 12 de febrero de 2019 15:30 Foro: Bolsa

Datos negativos en NASH.   Leer más

Re: Farmas USA

anaramos 08 de febrero de 2019 14:33 Foro: Bolsa

1. La caída de ayer parece que responde a esto:
The data readout from $MRK will likely have significant impact on the landscape of RCC treatment. We believe the risk-reward is skewed to the downside for EXEL. https://t.co/S4cqVFoDeK
2. Presenta el 14 de febrero en la Gugenheim Health...   Leer más

Re: Farmas USA

anaramos 08 de febrero de 2019 14:26 Foro: Bolsa

Del PR sobre la presentación oral de esta mañana.
the mean annualized bleed rate (ABR) prior to the trial was 19.0 bleeds per year. All subjects who have completed dosing have had clinically significant reductions in ABR and five experienced no bleeds with individualized dosing of...   Leer más

Re: Farmas USA

anaramos 31 de enero de 2019 14:47 Foro: Bolsa


Catalyst Biosciences Announces Oral and Poster Presentations at the 12th Annual Congress of the European Association for Haemophilia and Allied Disorders (8 febrero por la mañana)
Dr. Howard Levy, chief medical officer of Catalyst, will deliver an oral presentation on the most up to...   Leer más

Re: Farmas USA

anaramos 28 de enero de 2019 08:52 Foro: Bolsa

No sé si alguien la sigue llevando
Rating Sell With $5 Price Target, 2-Year Timeframe (70% Downside)
https://seekingalpha.com/article/4235867?source=ansh $AMRN, $ADMS, $SGYP
   Leer más

Re: Farmas USA

anaramos 25 de enero de 2019 10:13 Foro: Bolsa

Hi   Ana Ramos
I am very happy and I am very proud of the work we have done as a group. Today, January 25th is the last day to submit your application by noon to participate in the Official Equity Committee.
Furthermore, even though we founded and funded the ad hoc committee through...   Leer más

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